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Sophisticated Morning #57
May 20, 2018 12:03 PM PDT
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01. The Spacies/Voices/Acoustic
02. Suonare/You're Gone/Original Mix
03. Oliver Moldan/I Feel/Vijay & Sofia Remix
04. Sllash/Heart Beat/Extended Mix
05. Kungs/Milos/Original Mix
06. Tez Cadey/Seve/Extended Mix
07. Paul Simon/Crazy Love/Paul Oakenfold Extended
08. Klingande/Rebel Yell/Extended Mix
09. James Blunt/Melody/Extended Mix
10. Roger-M/Sing For You/Original Mix
11. ArtLec/Lost Control/Extended Mix
12. EDX/We Can't Give Up/Extended Mix
13. Above & Beyond/Naked/Original Mix
14. The Midnight/WeMoveForward

Sophisticated Morning #56
April 22, 2018 04:22 PM PDT
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01. Dani Corbalan/Let It Shine/Original Mix
02. Rumors/Chasing After You/Extended Mix
03. AFSheeN/Uncrazy/Lulleaux Extended Mix
04. Paul Mayson/Letting You Go/Extended Mix
05. Joe Cleere/Just Dropped In/Extended Mix
06. Alex Midi/In The Air Tonight/Extended Mix
07. Mogu/Mullina/Extended Mix
08. Tony Vegas/Down Under/Dani Corbalan Mix
09. SKIY/What If/Boy Tedson Extended Mix
10. Pur Mudd/The Best Thing/Extended Mix
11. Joan Alasta/Best Is Yet To Come/Extended
12. Martin Haber/Zoo/Original
13. TyDi/Everything I See/Original
14. Cristian Marchi/Baker Street/Extended

Black Ritual 2018 (#2)
April 08, 2018 03:22 PM PDT
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Originally when I set out to compose this set I envisioned it being a dirty and filthy set of music that would be dripping with sexual overtones. What ended up happening was an entirely different thing. I am quite controlled when it comes to the music that I buy but am also quite versatile regarding the genres that turn me on. If you're deeply in tune with music and it's many genres you'll know that there are a mind-boggling number of genres, just within the "house music" or "techno" genres. As I was pulling the music together for this particular set it was becoming obvious to me that the Spirit was pushing me more towards an exotic and mystical sound. So -- out the window went the "dirty" and in it's place appeared a mysterious "journey" set. As you listen to this music at times you'll feel as though you're suspended in time. The sounds are lulling, enchanting, hypnotic and exotic. As always this music comes from deep inside my soul. I am so happy to share a little bit of "me" with YOU today. I've enabled downloads for you. I only ask that if you love this sound to please SHARE it with your like-minded mates! From my heart...to your ears...ENJOY!


01. Runov/Antigue/Original
02. Wassim Younes/Maia/Estray Remix
03. Ali Farahani/L'Atto/Original Mix
04. Valeron/Bansurati/Troja Remix
05. Dizharmonia/Habibi Ala El Donia
06. Sam Shure/Iboto/Original Mix
07. Oceanvs Orientalis/Tarlabasi
08. Elfenberg/Iago/Original Mix
09. Sam Shure/Dystopia/Original
10. Cihangir Aatnar/Helluva/Original
11. Bedouin/Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Black Ritual 2018 #1
March 25, 2018 05:38 PM PDT
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Hey there fellow music lover. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the universe to HEAR what I've got to say. I am hugely excited to release this podcast to you. If you've been following me for a while you'll know that every year around March and April I release a series of mixes that are dark in nature and pay homage to the annual Black Party in New York City. These mixes are not necessarily what I'm *known* for, but that's no matter to me. I make and release them as a serious labor of love. I'm more associated with a more happy & uplifting sound, but if the truth is told...I have a major love for deep and filthy music. I don't make more of these mix sets because I think that as an artist that it's important for me to not confuse my listening audience. So....I stick to my Morning sets most of the time....and then for this special occasion I get dirty. winking This set starts with a bit of a deep chill and gradually crawls up into a deep, hypnotizing and filthy monster. There are few words; none are really needed. The songs somewhat form a soundtrack that is lulling and extremely sexually influenced. I hope you like my filthy groove and that it brings you *unspeakable* joy (in whatever form it comes in....). As always, this has been mixed with authentic love and passion. From my heart...to your ears....


01. Sam Shure/Sultan/Original Mix
02. Boy George/Just Another Guy/PachangStorm Remix
03. Dionigi/Dancing/Damon Jee Remix
04. Karmon/Eleventh Hour/Original Mix
05. Mira J/Tell Me/Ezequiel Arias Space Mix
06. Jiggler/Stairs/Original Mix
07. Township Rebellion/Liquid Green/Original Mix
08. Magit Cacoon/Perfect Life/Tomas Barfod's Inseparable Remix
09. Pretty Pink/Here Comes The Sun/Original Mix
10. David Alvarado/Blue/Olivier Giacomotto Remix
11. Audiojack/Reverie/Original Mix
12. Justin Jay/Karma/Original Mix

Sophisticated Morning #1
March 03, 2018 06:25 PM PST
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So many of you have been asking for this...so here's to you! This upload starts a project that I am so happy to take on: uploading many of my favorite sets the previous six years. So....here's the set that started my favorite mix series of all that I do: Sophisticated Morning #1 from November 2011. I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane. It's a special one for me...and it brings me major happiness to (re)share it with you. I hope you feel the heart, the love, the joy from beginning to end. From my HEART...to your ears. ENJOY!


01. Jose Padilla/Dragonflies/Cantoma Remix
02. Dusky/Lost In You
03. Cause & Effect/Happiness Is Alien
04. Joel Edwards/Love Begins/Vocal Club Mix
05. Andy Duguid feat. Fenja/Strings
06. Morgan King/I'm Free
07. U2/With Or Without You/Dr. Kucho Remix
08. Erasure/When I Start To Break It All Down/Kris Menace Club Mix

Sophisticated Morning 55
February 25, 2018 03:41 PM PST
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So many of you tell me that you enjoy the comments that I post regarding my podcasts. So, here's a great one that's all about serendipity. I recorded this set this morning, but had been in a little bit of a quandary because there was a song on it that I just wasn't sure about. It's the second song on the set by The Midnight called "Synthetic". There are two remixes of it: a totally gorgeous and totally "me" type of mix by Mango that, for some reason, has awful sound quality. It sounds distorted and muddy. Then there's also a mix by Lost Empire that's an ok mix but has outstanding sound quality. If you know me personally you KNOW that high sound quality REALLY matters to me. So...I was in a pinch: Use the mix that was just OK but with high sound quality....or the mix that was superb but had wretched sound quality. Well, I decided to let the sound quality win out and I used the just ok mix. But then a funny thing happened. As I was recording the podcast...I accidentally used the wrong remix of another song on the very last song of the mix. BAD MOVE. Or so I thought. I obviously stopped the recording and decided to go about my day and revisit mixing the podcast later. But then a funny thing happened. I got into a texting back-and-forth with a very dear friend later in the morning and I told him about the two mixes...and the big recording mistake...and the fact that I used the "just ok" mix with high sound quality. He told me..."Brian, use the mix with the bad sound quality. If it's what you FEEL IN YOUR SOUL...then put it out there.". So....here you go - I've re-recorded the set and this time I used the gorgeous Mango remix! The sound quality of that particular song may be a little "off" but hopefully it more than makes up for it with the fact that the song is stunning. As always, my sets of music are mixed with serious love and passion. I hope you love what you hear and that this music "touches" you in just the right way. Now...enough chatting. Let's get on to the music....

01. Gamper & Dadoni/Blind Faith/Original Mix
02. The Midnight/Synthetic/Mango Vocal Remix
03. Conor Byrne/Island In The Sun/Extended
04. Pearl Andersson/Losing My Religion/Extended
05. Emma Hewitt/Missing/Sebastien Extended Remix
06. Samuel Miller/Lost Out Here/Extended Remix
07. Mushroom People/Marcapasos & Janosh Extended
08. Charming Horses/How Will I Know/Extended
09. Lanna/Eden/Extended Mix
10. Alle Farben/Little Hollywood/Club Mix Extended
11. Jack Morlen/Secrets/Extended Mix
12. Janieck/Does It Matter/Alle Farben Extended Mix
13. Callum Beattie/Man Behind The Sun

Sophisticated Morning 53
February 23, 2018 02:57 PM PST
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The whole purpose of listening to music is to be touched by it in one way or another. For this edition of Sophisticated Morning I've chosen to "touch" you with warm, melodic and emotionally deep house music. This set lacks energy but has soothing and loving heart. My studio DJ sets always contain the newest releases from the most relevant artists of the day, both known & unknown. But on this set I also decided to throw in a surprise song that I've played many times before and you've heard on a Morning set of mine many editions ago. As I was searching for the music to put on this set I came across the song and it's always touched my own heart in a very deep and meaningful way. It so affects me...that I decided to include it...just because. Powerful music has no expiration point. So I hope that you enjoy the glimpse into my heart and soul. I speak through music and it's a profound pleasure to share with you. From my heart...to your ears. ENJOY.

Anton Ishutin/Leave Them All/Original Mix
Golan/Promises/Pascal Junior Remix
Marcus Brodowski/Bakerman/Extended Mix
Basil/Infinity/Svet Remix
Haaski/Staying Alive/Haaski's Terrace Mix
Dave Andres/Fade/Original Mix
Lassq/Good For Me/Original Mix
Wlady/Alice/Extended Mix
Danijel Kostic/Impossible Love/Club Mix
Nora En Pure/Saltwater/2015 Rework
ArtLec/Falling Stars/Original Club Mix
Chicane/Gorecki/Extended Mix

Sophisticated Morning 54
February 11, 2018 08:36 AM PST
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This set of music is what I'll call "classic" Brian Norwood. I have been a DJ for many years...and through the years my sound has changed somewhat, yet stayed exactly the same, if that makes any sense. One change that has occurred over the years is that I play a lot less trance music. I have navigated to a slower and "less hectic" sound as I've matured through my DJ career. So this set of music is a nod to my younger trance years, but with a deeper and slower pace. One of the best and most famous trance groups ever is Above & Beyond and they have a brand new album out. It is packed full of spine-tingling emotional masterpieces. I spotlight 2 of their new singles from that album on this mix...because they're just that good. I surround those pieces of music with some of the very best trance and deep house music out right now. This set of music was mixed with a huge amount of love and happiness. I hope that you hear it, you feel it, and you associate with it. Please, if you are just discovering me, know that I care deeply about the artists and remixers who make this incredible music. I have included the full track listing for you. Please take the time to discover and support these artists if you like what you hear. The more we support them...the more they can give us! And with that...let's get on to the music. I have made this download enabled and I hope you'll carry it with you through your days. From my heart...to your ears...ENJOY!


01. Above & Beyond/Cold/Original Mix
02. Dani Corbalan/Run/Original Mix
03. ArtLec/Bright Sky/Original Club Mix
04. R.I.O./Headlong/Extended Mix
05. Zeeba/With You/Dazzo & Bruno Martini Remix
06. Edouards/Invisible/Extended Mix
07. Nora En Pure/Sphinx/Club Mix
08. Dani Corbalan/Loneliness/Original Mix
09. Nick Talos/Glass House/Extended Mix
10. Cassidy/Love & War/LTN Sunrise Mix
11. Raphael Mayers/When I Meet Her/Original
12. Above & Beyond/Happiness Amplified/Original
13. Aaron McClelland/You/Original Mix

Epic Maui Journey 5 (#2)
January 28, 2018 03:27 PM PST
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This set of music is the "rising" segment of my recent EPIC MAUI JOURNEY gig on Maui. The sun was shining, waves were crashing and everyone was "in sync". Smiles, hugs and cheers were abundant. The music I played during this set is some of my very favorite. This is music that retains it's emotional touch but begins to take on more energy (especially towards the latter part of the mix...). It was a day that I was overjoyed to share with the party-goers and one that I am now glad to share with you. I've intentionally chosen music that is full of sunshine, love and happiness. I hope you love the sound. The mix is download enabled. I only ask that if you love it...that you SHARE it. Also, please support the producers, artists and remixers you discover here. The entire track listing is attached and I encourage you to discover these artists. They are some of the best of the best as far as I'm concerned...and it's important for us all to share the love and support those artists that bring us such joy. From my heart...to your ears...ENJOY!


1. OneRepublic/Kids/Alex Ross Remix
2. Kaum/Take Me Back/Henri Pfr Remix
3. Charming Horses/One Step Ahead/Original
4. The Rookies/Alive/Extended Mix
5. Swanky Tunes/Yesterday/Extended Mix
6. Marc Reason/Sunchyme 2K18/Extended Mix
7. Lizot/Here For You Love/Club Mix
8. James Blunt/OK/Extended Mix
9. WLADY/Alice/Extended Mix
10. Xavier Rudd/Follow The Sun/Cube Guys
11. Aevion/Waves/Extended Mix
12. SKIY/Don't You/Guitar Extended Mix
13. KarlK/Bokaap/Album Version

Sophisticated Morning 52
January 25, 2018 04:03 PM PST
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As a DJ and artist I believe that it's my job to evoke intense emotion out of every person who listens to what I choose to play. Music is an insanely powerful tool that can be used to make every moment better, stronger and more enhanced. And I keep that in mind as I choose every single piece of music that gets heard from me. And that brings me to my latest podcast: SOPHISTICATED MORNING 52. Wow, what a selection of songs I've selected for you to hear. For any typical podcast (or live DJ gig) that I play I start by having listened to hundreds of pieces of music that I sift through to get a skeleton list of songs gathered to work from. And from my list of songs I narrow it down to the very best....of the best for you to hear. I begin this set with a string of powerful chill-house vocal records that are quite emotionally epic. About halfway through the set I take the vibe deeper but carefully chose records that kept emotionlly uplifting tones, vibes and chords that complimented the "feel-good" beginning of the set. These are my favorite types of records: deep, mind-blowing expansive bass, with unique & unusual sounds that grab your heart and imagination. These are anthems, just not the commercial sort you'll hear most places. I hope that you love the journey and vibe I've chosen. As always, this set of music was mixed with every ounce of love I've got to give. From my heart...to yours.

01. Alan Walker - Tired (Kygo Remix)
02. Sam Feldt - Déjà Vu (Extended Mix)
03. The Rookies - I'll Be Back (Extended Mix)
04. The BT Project - The Sound of Silence (Extended Mix)
05. Jake Reese - Blackbird (Extended Mix)
06. Marcapasos - Broken Soul (Club Mix)
07. Alok - Big Jet Plane (Extended Mix)
08. Tom Gregory - Run To You (Marcapasos & Janosh Remix)
09. Audax - No Turning Back (Dazzo Extended Mix)
10. Jordan Kaahn - Not A Single Word (Extended Mix)
11. Kharfi - Hei Bae (Twenty Feet Down Remix)
12. Time - Bird (Original Mix)
13. ArtLec - White Bay (Original Club Mix)
14. Frequenztherapie - When It Rains (Roger Mills Remix)
15. U2 - You’re The Best Thing About Me - (U2 Vs. Kygo Remix)
16. Bruno Martini - Road

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