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Sophisticated Chill #3
November 10, 2016 07:33 PM PST
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It's been a rough spell for many of us in the United States. And because of that I felt a particular urgency to put out a new Sophisticated CHILL. We live in uncertain times. But one thing that I also know is that music is powerful and can be used to enhance our physical and mental state. That being said I hope you'll give Sophisticated CHILL #3 a listen and allow it to sooth you and bring you to a place of uplifted peace. I have included some familiar pieces on this edition. We all love those throwbacks that take us to particular times and places. I hope you feel my vibe and allow it to touch you deep down in your soul. From my heart...to yours.


01. Matt Simons/Lose Control
02. Foreigner/Waiting For A Girl/Virgin Magnetic Material Remix
03. Empire Of The Sun/To Her Door/Original Mix
04. Demmy Sober/Me & You/Basement Love Remix
05. Mr. Mister/Broken Wings/Master Chic Remix
06. King Arthur/Praise You/Extended Mix
07. Mick Fouse/Time Is Up/Extended Version
08. Olivia O'Brien/I Hate U/I Love U/Deepend Remix
09. Stereoclip/Don't Try/Original Mix
10. Bakermat/Dreamreacher/Extended Mix
11. Patrick Baker/Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/Extended Mix
12. Paul Mayson/Run/Extended Mix
13. Vicetone/Anywhere I Go/Extended Mix
14. Goldroom/California Rain
15. Bacall & Malo/Africa/Bacall Remix Edit
16. Oceans/Cold Ain't For Me/Original Mix

DJ Brian Norwood
Email: JohnBrianNorwood@me.com
Phone: 202-766-6880
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Sophisticated Morning #42
October 30, 2016 05:51 PM PDT
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As I DJ I think it's important to give my crowd some recognizable music in addition to introducing them to artists and songs that they wouldn't have known had they not heard it from me. Recognizable pieces on this set are amazing remakes of "Sweet Child O Mine" (Guns N Roses), "Twist In My Sobriety" and "Love Will Never Do" (Janet Jackson). All three remakes are brand new and I think they do good justice to the originals. All the other pieces on the set are brand new deep house records that have gorgeous emotion and intelligence. This podcast is free for you to download. All I ask is that if you like my sound...to please share it with your likeminded mates and friends. From my heart...to YOURS. Enjoy.


01. Alexander Brown/Sweet Child
02. Lost Frequencies/St. Peter/Original Mix
03. Didrik Thulin/Dancer/Kygo Remix
04. Sono/Twist In My Sobriety/Sans Souci Remix
05. Western Disco/What Do You Say/Black Box Remix
06. Roger Martin/Waterfalls/Extended Mix
07. Teemu/Runaways/Extended Mix
08. Alok/Hear Me Now/Club Edit
09. Alok/Me & You
10. Runaground/Chase You Down/Extended Version
11. Sultan + Shepard/Walls/Deeper Shades Extended
12. Adam Veldt/Into The Sunset/Original Mix
13. Jordy Doormen/Thoughts To Myself/Original Mix
14. Florian Paetzgold/Love Will Never Do/Extended Mix
15. Richard Judge/Youth/Original

DJ Brian Norwood
Email: JohnBrianNorwood@Me.com
Phone: 202-766-6880
Facebook Search: Brian Norwood

Burning Man (BAAAHS @ Family Jewels)
October 03, 2016 06:57 AM PDT
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Last month I went to Burning Man and experienced the single greatest week of my entire life. I am blessed to get to travel to many places and experience many things through my DJing and I must say that this experience was the most unbelievable of them all. It was my first "Burn" and I really didn't know what to expect. As we drove deep into the desert I was anxious...but as we arrived into the gates of the city I burst into literal tears and the anxiety melted away. What ensued the next week was pure magic. I saw things, felt things, experienced things, and heard things that I never had before. The DJ set you'll hear from me is "quintessentially me" and one that I am quite proud of. It is full of heart and emotion. It was surreal spinning from atop BAAAHS as it rocked back and forth as the crowd danced and sent their arms to the sky. I hope you'll FEEL the goosebumps that I HAD that night. From my heart...to yours.

01. Gabrielle Aplin/Salvation/HEYHEY Remix
02. WK2/Only You/Extended Remix
03. Dada/Underneath The Stars/Zwette Remix
04. Bright Sparks/Gold/Extended Mix
05. Laura Luppino/Zombie/Extended Mix
06. Ollin Kan/Quiet Nights/Florian Paetzold Club Mix
07. On June/Stuck On You/Extended Mix
08. Bjonr/Broken/Extended Mix
09. Bakermat/Living/Extended Mix
10. Another Ambition/Think About You/Extended Mix
11. Armand Van Helden/Wings/Extended Mix
12. Chainsmokers/Roses/The Him Remix
13. Jess Glynne/Real Love/Alex Schulz Emotion Remix
14. Gabriel & Castellon/Es Vedra/Touch & Go Remix
15. MHE/The Sound of Silence/Ferreck Dawn Remix
16. Gabriel & Castellon/Shut Your Eyes/Original Mix

DJ Brian Norwood
Email: JohnBrianNorwood@Me.com
Phone: 202-766-6880
Facebook: Brian Norwood

Sophisticated Chill #2
August 03, 2016 01:38 PM PDT
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Have you ever heard that saying that says if you ever stop loving your job that you should quit, or stop doing it? I totally agree. And the opposite also applies. I, to this day, still get excited beyond words whenever I'm about to embark upon a mixed podcast set or live DJ gig. The spark to my soul from music is as strong today as it was 23 years ago when I first started DJing. That brings me to this new podcast, SOPHISTICATED CHILL #2: Excitement pulsed through my veins as I conceived this hour of luxury chill beats. I believe that the same will happen to you as you settle into the mix and allow it to "take" you. The sound for my CHILL sets is quite similar to my MORNING sets, only slower. This particular set chugs alongs between 110-113 BPM. The music may be downbeat...but the feel is euphoric. As always, this set of music comes from deep within my heart. I believe we are all seeking out heart, love and authenticity in life...and so it's my pleasure to give you a glimpse into my heart, let you feel some of my love and experience some of my authenticity for the next hour.


01. Betty Who/I Love You Always Forever/Viceroy Remix
02. Nick Sinckler/Get Up/Extended Mix
03. Danny Darko/Forever Young/Original Mix
04. Simioli, Scarlet/Ain't No Sunshine/Deep Chills Remix
05. Lotus/Soulmate/Charming Horses Extended Mix
06. Charming Horses/Higher Love/Original Mix
07. Becky Rutherford/Walk In/Original Mix
08. Krystal Buckley/We Don't Need A Spaceship/Sylow Remix
09. On June/The Devil's Tears/Sam Feldt Edit
10. Martin Jensen/All I Wanna Do/Original Mix
11. FDVM, Josh Wantie/Brightest Light/Montis Remix
12. Anoraak/Figure/Original Mix
13. Clement BCX/Miracle In The Middle Of My Heart/Original Mix
14. Pompeya/Power/Zimmer Remix
15. Sante Cruze/We Are Young/Original Mix

Facebook Search: Brian Norwood
Email: JohnBrianNorwood@me.com
Phone: 202-766-6880

Sophisticated Morning #40
July 17, 2016 05:53 PM PDT
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Whether you are a long time listener of my podcast series or a newcomer I welcome you to 75 minutes of melodic, breathtaking and emotional deep house music. I live to give you this music in the hopes that it will enrich your life and bring you joy and happiness every time you hear it. Many times I will have a favorite song on a mix set. On this set there are so many brilliant songs that it's completely impossible for me to settle on a favorite. They're all my favorite. Listen and I think you'll agree. This set of music originated in my heart and I hope it'll find a home...in your heart.


01. Arizona/I Was Wrong/Robin Schulz Remix
02. Samuel/Saint Jude/Extended Mix
03. Rob Thomas/Pieces/Sam Feldt Remix
04. Ulf Nilsson/Little By Little/Lulleaux & George Wyman Remix
05. AFSHeeN/Let Me Down Slow/Extended Mix
06. Satellite Empire/Escape/Extended Mix
07. Richard Grey/Stand By Me/Perez & Ferrer Deep Mix
08. Rudenko/Wake Up/Deep Mix Extended
09. Pretty Pink/Your Love/Extended Mix
10. Calum Scott/Dancing On My Own/Tiesto Remix
11. Miskeyz/Daylight/FDVM Remix
12. Sam Smith/Lay Me Down/Tiesto Remix
13. Sir Felix/Better Days/Extended Mix
14. Benny Benassi/Even If/Lulleaux Remix
15. Gorgon City/Doubts/Original Mix
16. Pearls Of Ibiza/I Live My Life/Mykel Mars Remix
17. Claire Guerreso/Skipping Stones/Lulleaux Remix

Email: JohnBrianNorwood@Me.com
Phone: 202-766-6880
Facebook Search: Brian Norwood

Sophisticated Chill #1
July 01, 2016 07:58 AM PDT
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Welcome to the very first edition of SOPHISTICATED CHILL. I am so excited to bring you this new offshoot series from my Sophisticated Morning series. Whereas my SM podcast series concentrates on music in the 120 bpm range this new series showcases music that is as emotionally rich and gorgeous, but rolls along at a much slower bpm. This particular edition clocks in at 101 bpm. I have packed feel-good anthems from beginning to end. Coldplay opens the set...with Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani and Marvin Gaye eventually making their way in to the mix. This is music that you couldn't quite dance to, per se, but you WILL want to throw your hands up to heaven and scream with joy. I hope you feel my joy, my heart and my soul upon listening. This is just the beginning of these sets. I have so much music that is slower and I need to showcase all this beautiful music. If you'll allow it....this music WILL make your life more rich, more joyful, more beautiful. This music saved my life....and I hope dearly that it affects you...as much as it does me. From my heart...to yours.


01. Coldplay/Hymn For The Weekend/Seeb Remix
02. Duncan de Moor/Fade Into The Sun/Extended
03. Selena Gomez/Same Old Love/Filous Remix
04. Marvin Gaye/Sexual Healing/Kygo Remix
05. Mike Posner/I Took A Pill In Ibiza/Seeb Remix
06. Daniel Nitt/Lovers Friends/Original Mix
07. Gwen Stefani/Misery/Lincoln Jesser Remix
08. Joel Baker/Speeches/Extended Mix
09. Eklo/You And Me/Original Mix
10. The Knocks/Classic/Knocks Sunrise Edit
11. Kodaline/Raging/Original Mix
12. Angus & Julia Stone/For What It's Worth/Original

Phone: 202-766-6880
Email: JohnBrianNorwood@me.com
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Flagging In The Park (Forever Young Edition) #1
May 08, 2016 09:21 PM PDT
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Welcome to one of the best days of my entire life. I don't even know where to start with my thoughts concerning this day. I'll try my best. About a year ago I was having dinner with my friends Marcos & Xavier and Marcos spoke of how he wanted to bring me to San Francisco to spin his birthday party. As the conversation progressed we all realized that our birthdays were all within days of each other. The brainstorming continued...and we ended up with the *unofficial* Flagging In The Park to celebrate all of our births. The day started with bright shimmering sunshine and was a perfect San Francisco day. The anticipation for the party was epic, as friends flew in from all over the the continent (and Hawaii) to celebrate. I can't even put into words the euphoria that ensued. I chose music that was touching, uplifting and had special meaning. This podcast is the first segment of the day. I open with Cat Stevens "If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out". It embodies everything I think life is about: Freedom. Happiness. It encourages us to seek and do whatever brings us joy. I have loved this song my whole life...and it was the perfect start to a perfect day. Because Flagging In The Park gives me complete and total freedom to BE MYSELF I then eased into a couple of non-dance acoustic pieces before gliding into sweet and emotional house music. I hope that you'll be able to hear the joy of the day in the recording. From my heart to yours....ENJOY!!!


01. Cat Stevens/If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out
02. Robin Schulz/Show Me Love/Acoustic
03. Morgan Page/Open Heart/Acoustic
04. Martin Garrix/Don't Look Down/David Burster Remix
05. Sofia Zlatko, Vijay/Labour/Extended Remix
06. Sans Souci/Sweet Harmony/Extended Remix
07. Isaiah King/Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Mauro Mondello Remix
08. Sons Of Maria/Where The Rivers Flow/Original Mix
09. Bolier/Riverbank/Extended Mix
10. Tania Zygar/Wildest Dreams/Extended Remix
11. Dotan/Hungry/Niklas Ubach Club Mix
12. Y.V.E. 48/Big Sur/Extended Mix
13. Sir Felix/Safari/Original Mix
14. Boris Way/Sunday/Extended Mix
15. RICD/Chase The Sun/Original Mix
16. Sam Feldt, Meleka/Hungry Eyes/Extended Mix
17. Nico Santos/Waterfalls/Extended Mix
18. Sam Feldt, Lulleaux/All The Kids/Extended Mix
19. Causes/Teach Me How To Dance/Claptone Remix

Email: JohnBrianNorwood@me.com
Phone: 202-766-6880

SleazeBall NYC
March 22, 2016 07:58 PM PDT
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I have just returned home from NYC almost at a loss for words from the experience I just had. I had the joy of DJing the SleazeBall (alongside legendary DJs Michael Fierman, John Ceglia, Randy Bettis and Phillip Kimball) and what an unbelievable experience it was. Our tribe of flaggers, fanners, dancers and totally free spirits joined for a wicked good 10 hour party. This recording is my 2 hour set. I hope you enjoy the dark and driving sound that I presented. I was in a total "zone" during my set...and I do believe you'll feel and hear it upon listening to the podcast. This set was conceived and mixed from deep within my heart....and was an epic joy to deliver to the partygoers of SleazeBall. Enjoy the journey.


01. Stephan M./Roxanne/Timofey & Bartosz Brenes 1744 Mix
02. Technasia/Suga/Original Mix
03. Ran Salman/Volcano Love/Original Mix
04. Framewerk/Don't Do It/Original Mix
05. Alexey Romeo/The Way/Original Mix
06. Sunscreem/Luv U More/Journey By DJs Remix
07. Discorocks/Love You Inside Out (5prite Dirty Mix)
08. Kool Bandits/Do Yourself A Favour/Libidopper Version
09. Fernando Campo/Razor Sharp/Original Mix
10. Lissat/Sunglasses At Night/Misha Klein Remix
11. Ron Carroll/Everyone/Teenage Mutants Remix
12. Grass Is Greener/Start Again/Teenage Mutants Remix
13. Andy MacDougall/Shaman/Dennis Cruz Remix
14. Severin Borer/You/Original Mix
15. Cari Golden/Slip Away/Olivier Giacomotto Remix
16. Sting/If I Ever Lose My Faith/Kruse & Nuernberg Remix
17. Tom Novy, Dancing In The Sun/Novy & Groove Terrace Remix
18. The Twins/You've Got A Twin In The Attic/Original Mix
19. Kasper Bjorke/Rush/Brynjolfur Remix

Phone: 202-766-6880
Email: JohnBrianNorwood@me.com

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