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Sophisticated Morning 52
January 25, 2018 04:03 PM PST
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As a DJ and artist I believe that it's my job to evoke intense emotion out of every person who listens to what I choose to play. Music is an insanely powerful tool that can be used to make every moment better, stronger and more enhanced. And I keep that in mind as I choose every single piece of music that gets heard from me. And that brings me to my latest podcast: SOPHISTICATED MORNING 52. Wow, what a selection of songs I've selected for you to hear. For any typical podcast (or live DJ gig) that I play I start by having listened to hundreds of pieces of music that I sift through to get a skeleton list of songs gathered to work from. And from my list of songs I narrow it down to the very best....of the best for you to hear. I begin this set with a string of powerful chill-house vocal records that are quite emotionally epic. About halfway through the set I take the vibe deeper but carefully chose records that kept emotionlly uplifting tones, vibes and chords that complimented the "feel-good" beginning of the set. These are my favorite types of records: deep, mind-blowing expansive bass, with unique & unusual sounds that grab your heart and imagination. These are anthems, just not the commercial sort you'll hear most places. I hope that you love the journey and vibe I've chosen. As always, this set of music was mixed with every ounce of love I've got to give. From my heart...to yours.

01. Alan Walker - Tired (Kygo Remix)
02. Sam Feldt - Déjà Vu (Extended Mix)
03. The Rookies - I'll Be Back (Extended Mix)
04. The BT Project - The Sound of Silence (Extended Mix)
05. Jake Reese - Blackbird (Extended Mix)
06. Marcapasos - Broken Soul (Club Mix)
07. Alok - Big Jet Plane (Extended Mix)
08. Tom Gregory - Run To You (Marcapasos & Janosh Remix)
09. Audax - No Turning Back (Dazzo Extended Mix)
10. Jordan Kaahn - Not A Single Word (Extended Mix)
11. Kharfi - Hei Bae (Twenty Feet Down Remix)
12. Time - Bird (Original Mix)
13. ArtLec - White Bay (Original Club Mix)
14. Frequenztherapie - When It Rains (Roger Mills Remix)
15. U2 - You’re The Best Thing About Me - (U2 Vs. Kygo Remix)
16. Bruno Martini - Road

Epic Maui Journey 5 (#1)
January 20, 2018 06:28 PM PST
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The most anticipated day of the party started with bright glistening sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. This party is unique in so many ways - one being that it's located on a remote strip of beach that's only accessible by traversing winding paths and then climbing down over cliffs made from volcanic lava. To say that it takes dedication to produce this party is a bit of an understatement. But because of the dedication of so many loving souls...this party is 5 years strong. This year had drama like no other. At 8:07 AM an alert sent shockwaves across Hawaii: an impending ballistic missile attack was imminent - and it was NOT a drill. Panic washed over the island like a bolt of lightening. Everyone was jolted into urgent thought. People were hysterical, running in the streets - looking for answers. It is during these moments when it's time to decide what you live for. For me and so many of my friends and fellow music-lovers it was a no-brianer: If a ballistic missile was going to rein down upon us...it might was well happen while we were LIVING our best life: DANCING and FLAGGING. As it happened, the ballistic missile alert was indeed a jaw-dropping mistake. The whole ordeal put extra meaning into the day. There was more hugging, laughing, crying, dancing, flagging and overall moments of euphoria that day than can really be described. Words wouldn't give justice to what happened on that beach. In the absence of words...I present to you the music that drove the day. I intentionally chose music that had sunshine baked into it to start the day. These are records of optimism, positivity and sheer joy. I hope you love the sound I chose and I hope that you feel my heart in every sound and every chord that you hear. From my heart...to your ears...enjoy!


01. Armin van Buuren/Sunny Days/Original Mix
02. Zonderling/Crazy/Extended Mix
03. Robin Schulz/I Believe I'm Fine/Adam Trigger Remix
04. Sam Feldt/Save Tonight/Extended Mix
05. TW3LV/Together/Extended Mix
06. Joshua Radin/High And Low/Extended Mix
07. Victor Crone/Coming Up/Original Mix
08. DJ Marlon/The One For You/Original Mix
09. Mandelbarth/Palmtree/Extended Mix
10. Indiiana/Sharks/Crooper Remix
11. Roger Martin/Waterfalls/Extended Mix
12. Jake Reese/Blackbird/Extended Mix
13. The Rookies/I'll Be Back/Extended Mix
14. Somewhere Anywhere/A Short Love Story
15. Nick Talos/Glass Houses/Extended Mix
16. Jessie Ware/Tough Love/Billka Remix
17. Lizzie Curious/Sunshine Feels So Good/Original

Sophisticated Chill 6
November 12, 2017 07:29 PM PST
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My heart has been yearning to mix this set of music for a good long while...so it brings me huge excitement to finally get it mixed and out to you. Welcome to Sophisticated CHILL #6. This edition is full of emotional, heartfelt and feel-good chill house music. The standout/favorite records for me during this set are Kygo "Permanent" (which opens the mix), Benjamin Francis Leftwich "Snowship", Dennis Kruissen "Love Like The Sun", Kygo "Stargazing", and Owl City "Fireflies" (Said The Sky Remix). This whole set is consistent and steady in it's warm and happy melodic sound. I hope that you'll FEEL it as much as I do. As always, this podcast is mixed with every ounce of love that I've got to give. I hope that it brightens your day and lifts your spirit. From my HEART...to YOURS.


01. Kygo/Permanent/Original
02. Christina Novelli/Beautiful/Extended Mix
03. David Guetta/Shed A Light/Blank & Jones Remix
04. Jako Diaz/Memories/Original Mix
05. Aexcit/What We Do/Extended Mix
06. Da Hool/Own The Night/Extended Mix
07. ALOK/All I Want/Sons Of Maria Remix
08. Christian Hudson/Four Leaf Clover/Klowds Remix
09. Mick Fouse/Chain Reaction/Extended Mix
10. Benjamin Francis Leftwich/Snowship/Thomas Jack
11. Tep No/Eighteen/Original Mix
12. Alexandra/Waves/Extended Mix
13. Arty/Supposed To Be/Original Mix
14. Mazde/Wicked Winds/Original Mix
15. Tropical Boys/Coffee On The Beach/Original Mix
16. Dennis Kruissen/Love Like The Sun/Rami X Jiinio Remix
17. Kayla Diamond/Blanket/Extended Mix
18. Kygo/Stargazing/Original Mix
19. Owl City/Fireflies/Said The Sky Remix

Sophisticated Morning #51
October 22, 2017 08:22 PM PDT
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01. Patrick Baker/One More Hit/Original Mix
02. Karl Michael/Don't Leave Me/Extended Mix
03. Agatino Romero/Ain't No Sunshine/Extended Mix
04. Stage Rockers/Mother/Danijel Kostic Remix
05. Vanrip/The Coast/Extended Mix
06. Sam Feldt/Be My Lover/Extended Mix
07. Lude/It's All Right/Aslove Remix
08. WOAK/Coastline/Extended Mix
09. Matthew Moz/Summer Stories/Extended Mix
10. Axel Ehnstrom/South America/Sebastien Remix
11. Lofthill Music/Californication/Original Mix
12. Romy Wave/Unseen/Album Version
13. Sans Souci/Safe In Your Arms/Extended Mix
14. The Night Game/Kids In Love/Kygo Original Mix
15. Pretty Pink/Superman/Extended Mix
16. Hannes Bruniic/Sanje/Original Mix

Brian Norwood - Sophisticated Morning #50
September 24, 2017 08:05 PM PDT
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If you had asked me 5 years ago to imagine what the Sophisticated Morning series would develop into I really don't think I would have had any idea of what a major piece of my life it would become. I live to share and give. I'm a firm believer that God gives each of us a gift to share with the world...and this is mine. I'm a thinker and a dreamer, and I literally spend much of my free time daydreaming these mixes up. I hear the music in my head. It pushes me through my days. It's my purpose. I'm so glad that you discovered my little corner of the musical universe. It's an incredible joy to share this 75 minutes of uplifting chill house with you. If you love my sound...please share it with anyone and everyone who you know will FEEL and IDENTIFY with it. Music is a tool and it has intense power to lift us when we're down...or make good moments MAGICAL. Again, thank you for listening to my heart and feeling my soul. This is #50...and I've only just begun. From my heart...to your ears. ENJOY.

01. Ella Eyre/Came Here For Love
02. Lizot/Here For You Love/Original Mix
03. Tobtok/Prelude/Original Mix
04. Dimmi & Zeeba/Found U/Original Mix
05. Mark Tarmonea/So Berlin/Pretty Pink Remix
06. Richard Judge/Kinda Love/Extended Mix
07. Autograf/You Might Be/GoldFish Remix
08. Jack Morlen/Young & In Love/Extended Mix
09. Nico Santos/Home/Marcapasos Remix
10. Richard Judge/Fix Me/Extended Mix
11. Alex Schulz/Keep On Reaching/Extended
12. Alok/Never Let Me Go/Extended Mix
13. NHYX/Walk/Original Mix
14. Alok/Hear Me Now/EDX & Nora En Pure Remix
15. Syncrosonic/Coming Home/Touch & Go Remix
16. Francesco Rossi/When You Touch Me
17. Novo Amor/Anchor/Original Mix

Sophisticated Morning #49
August 27, 2017 01:47 PM PDT
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I'm happy you found my little musical corner of the universe today. I'll tell you an interesting story before you start listening to my music set: I sat down to mix this set of emotional morning-style house music today and was all ready to hit the "record" button...when the Spirit told me to stop and sift through my music folder, not in search of anything in particular. Just search. And you know what I found sitting there waiting for you, for me, for the universe? The first song. I hadn't planned on it being on this set. I've actually had it for a year or so....and hadn't figured out quite where to put it. So, it sat there and waited. For now. In this time we are living...I believe that the words spoken are all the more powerful, telling and helpful. I hope you'll agree with me and you'll feel the power of words and music. I reached so deep down into my heart to find these pieces of music just send just the right message and vibe. Probably my two favorite records of the year are on this set: LEVV "Collateral Damage" and London Grammar "Big Picture". If you think you've heard the "Collateral Damage" before...you have. There was a different, slower original mix of it that came out earlier in the year that I opened Sophisticated CHILL #5 with. This new mix by Tritonal is faster and more "anthemic". And about the London Grammar: What can I say? It's really one of those records that leaves me at a loss for words. Massive. I don't often come across records that stop me dead in my tracks. "Big Picture" did just that. Unless something else comes out in the last 4 months of the year...to top it...it will come in as my #1 record of the year. As always, this mix was made for you with deep love and huge joy. From my heart...to your ears.

01. Steve Angello/... ./Original Mix
02. London Grammar/Big Picture/ThrdL!fe Remix
03. LEVV/Collateral Damage/Tritonal Remix
04. Tania Zygar/Rubberband/Extended Mix
05. Boris Way/Your Love/Extended Mix
06. Benni Sparks/Chasing Cars/Original Mix
07. ATB/Pages/Extended Remix
08. Nadia Ali/Almost Home/Extended Mix
09. NALL/Cold World/Extended Mix
10. Geonis & Wallmers/Stand On Our Own/Abriviatura IV
11. Bruno Martini/Sun Goes Down/Extended Version
12. Edouards/Invisible/Extended Mix
13. Laura Luppino/Lift Me Up/Extended Mix
14. Max Freegrant/Arrow/Album (Wonderful Life)
15. Haux/Homegrown/Empty Woods Remix
16. Coldplay/Fix You/BSNO Remix

Sophisticated Morning #48
June 25, 2017 09:24 PM PDT
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Hello and welcome to the newest edition of Sophisticated Morning! If you follow this series then you know what you're in for. If you're new to my podcast then I can't wait for you to hear what I've come up with for mix #48 in this series. I mix a unique brand of deep and emotional house music that is rooted in heart and soul. This whole hour is packed with astounding pieces of music from beginning to end. I would say that this set definitely falls neatly into the "me" category. If you know my music...then you know what I mean. Ok. Enough with the talk. Time to let the music do the talking for me. This set of music was mixed with heart and soul and I hope you'll FEEL it as much as I do. From my heart...to your ears...

01. Grace Ackerman/Fire/Extended Mix
02. Nacho Lezcano/Sounds Like A Melody/Extended Mix
03. Bruno Martini/Living On The Outside/Extended Version
04. Janosh/Sign Your Name/Original Mix
05. LIttleKings/Part Of Me/Deep Remix
06. Ming/Why Don't You Get/Janosh Remix
07. Jus Jack/Asylum/Extended Mix
08. Stage Rockers/I'm Gonna Be There/Delarox Remix
09. Robert Burian/So In Love/Extended Mix
10. Avalanche City/I Need You/Extended Mix
11. Jus Jack/I Can't Win/Extended Mix
12. James Blunt/OK/Extended Version
13. Tritonal/Hey Mamama/Extended Mix

Sophisticated Morning #47
May 02, 2017 08:59 PM PDT
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01. John Dahlback/Atlantis/Acoustic
02. Mandelbarth/This Guy/Extended Mix
03. Mark Tarmonea/Du Trägst Keine Liebe In Dir/Schwarz & Funk Remix
04. Jacob Bellens/Untouchable/Addal Extended Remix
05. La Stasia/Let The Music Play/Extended Mix
06. Joe Manina/I Don't Care/Extended Mix
07. Danijel Kostic/Free/Delarox Remix
08. Mark Neo/Lovelite/Extended Mix
09. East & Young/With You/Extended Mix
10. Lulleaux/Sitting In The Morning Sun/Original Mix
11. Emma Mai/Blutenstaubromanze/Pretty Pink Extended
12. Jimmy Hennessy/Life With You/Extended Mix
13. Jute Ranx/I See You/Pretty Pink Remix
14. Steffen Linck/Silence Is Golden/Maywald Remix
15. Mako/North Dakota/Le P Remix
16. Jacob Banks/What Do You Love/SeeB Remix

Email: JohnBrianNorwood@Me.com
Phone: 202-766-6880
Facebook Search: Brian Norwood

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