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Sophisticated Morning 77
November 29, 2020 09:57 AM PST
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Life and it's goings on will make it so that there will sometimes be slightly longer stretches between my podcast uploads than I would like there to be. That being said thank you for your patience as we just went through one of those stretches. I am super happy to end our recent "music drought" and bring to you Sophisticated Morning 77. I start this edition out with a warm, melodic and laidback vibe and slowly ramp the energy towards a crescendo at the end of the mix. Visualize this mix as an arc. There is no straight line here. Each song subtly builds in energy until before you know it you're hearing full-on anthems. This set is versatile and would be perfect for anything as varied as late night dancing with your friends to working out at the gym or driving in the car. I hope you enjoy the uplifting vibes I've brought you. Every sound you hear originated in my heart and was mixed with every ounce of love that I've got to give. From my heart...to your ears...ENJOY.


01. Sigala/We Got Love/Acoustic
02. Marc Benjamin/Losing Focus/Extended Mix
03. Stevie Appleton/Paradise/Sam Feldt Extended
04. Daddy's Groove/When We Fall/Extended Mix
05. Kolidescopes/Whenever You Call/Original Mix
06. Gamper & Dadoni/Julia/Original Mix
07. Elderbrook/Back To My Bed/VIP Extended Mix
08. Tones & I/Fly Away/Original Mix
09. Saro/Somebody Like You/Original Mix
10. Gareth Emery/Elise/Original Mix
11. Nora En Pure/Come Away/Extended Mix
12. Stanaj/Love Me/Buzz Low Extended Mix
13. John Legend/Conversations In The Dark/David Guetta Remix

Sophisticated Deep 14
October 23, 2020 09:48 AM PDT
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It's a fine line that I walk as it pertains to keeping the sound of the various mix series podcasts that I release constant and steady, especially with the Sophisticated Deep series. It's super important that I keep the sound tightly confined within the genre that the series belongs to but equally important that I present enough diversity that the mixes don't become stale or all sound alike. That brings us to Sophisticated Deep 14. This one presented me a particular challenge in keeping the sound consistent from beginning to end because of how unique the song selections are. I think I succeeded and hope that you'll agree. These songs are as unique as you'll hear; sounds that are blues-y and twangy at times and exotic and Middle-Eastern sounding at others. I believe that the end result is a rich and nuanced musical smorgasbord. This is a sound that is versatile; perfect for dancing into the wee hours of the morning or as the background music to your daily routine. You pick. As always, this episode is mixed with the most joy and love humanely possible. From my heart to your ears...ENJOY.


01. Uone, Western/Culture of Knights/Original Mix
02. Briony Taylor-Brooks/Kaos of Time/Original Mix
03. Jose Noventa/Kanun Pasha/Ali Farahani Remix
04. VieL/Vires/Orignal Mix
05. Uone, Western/Tale Of The Seven Samurai
06. Be Svendsen/Drifter/Original Mix
07. Jake The Rapper/Lullaby No. 2/Original Mix
08. Khen/Out Of A Dream/Original Mix
09. Eli Nissan/Karnaval/Roy Rosenfeld Remix
10. Newman (I Love)/The Seven Skies/Original Mix
11. The Wind Talkers/Spirit World/Original Mix

Phone: 202-766-6880
Email: IAmBrianNorwood@gmail.com
Facebook: Brian Norwood
Instagram: DJ Brian Norwood

Sophisticated Morning 76
September 26, 2020 07:46 AM PDT
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If you are reading this then most likely you were no stranger to dance floors and the beautiful music that has graced us over the past decades. One of the best things about music is its ability to take us back to a particular time and place as though it were just yesterday. So on that subject I'm really happy to bring you the newest edition of Sophisticated Morning. There are 15 songs presented here. Five of them are instantly recognizable classics. And six of them will be recognizable to you if you were on a dance floor in the 90s (and really paying attention). And seven of them will be recognizable to you if you really REALLY know music. So that makes my newest release an awesome trip back in time. These are newly released and refreshed versions, not the originals. So I hope that you enjoy all those memories mixed in with all these amazing new chill house records to take you on the perfect trip. As always you've gotten every ounce of love I've got to give mixed into this set. In other words you're about to hear my mixed...EMOTIONS. From my heart...to your ears...ENJOY!


01. Avicii/Forever Yours/Kygo Original
02. Tom Bailey/Hot Sun/Original Mix
03. Miles & Miles/She's So High/Extended Mix
04. Cecilia Krull/Agnus Dei/Alex Schulz Extended
05. River, Covenants/Perfect Motion/Original Mix
06. Jonas Aden/Late At Night/Extended Mix
07. EW&F/September/Eric Kupper Extended
08. Alex Hosking/Fake Friends/Disciples Remix
09. Sam Smith/I Feel Love/Original Mix
10. HOSH/Midnight/MK Extended Mix
11. Felix Cartal/Mine/Blender Extended
12. 71 Digits/Somebody's Watching Me/Deepend Extended
13. Harry Romero/Where Do We Go/Extended
14. James Arthur/Lasting Lover/Extended Mix
15. GoldFish/Forever Free/Extended Mix

Phone: 202-766-6880
Email: JohnBrianNorwood@me.com
Facebook: Brian Norwood
Instagram: DJ Brian Norwood

Sophisticated Morning 75
September 11, 2020 10:28 AM PDT
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01. Kylie Minogue/Say Something/Acoustic
02. The Vamps/Married In Vegas/Matoma Remix
03. Baynk/Come Home/Hazey Eyes Remix
04. Armin van Buuren/Heading Up High/IHG Remix
05. DJ Licious/Lazy Day/Extended Mix
06. Jason Walker/Never Ending/Original Mix
07. Colton Avery/Always On Your Mind/Golden Hour Remix
08. Wilhelmsson/Fireflies/Extended Mix
09. Tailor/Holding Out/Original Mix
10. Marco Santana/Knockin' on Heaven's Door
11. Josh Tobias/Soul Searching/Original
12. Mousse T/Boyfriend/Alle Farben Remix
13. Danny Darko/Jolene/Original Mix
14. Goody Grace & Tory Lanez/Wait For Me
15. Foster The People/Ride Or Die/Vicetone Remix
16. The Killers/Caution/Madism Remix
17. Rhodes/Your Soul/Extended Mix

Email: JohnBrianNorwood@me.com
Phone: 202-766-6880
Facebook: Brian Norwood
Instagram: DJ Brian Norwood

Sophisticated Deep 13
August 28, 2020 01:45 PM PDT
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One of most important ingredients in the DJ/listener relationship is trust. I believe that the most successful DJs are the ones that figure out how to convince a crowd to trust them so that they may have the liberty of being a true artist -- versus being a human juke box that plays what is demanded of them. Playing what's demanded of me always seemed so boring -- and insulting truthfully. I would much rather stand my ground, play from my heart and while doing it build a following of listeners that trust me to lead them somewhere mysterious -- and beautiful. And because I know that people are trusting me it makes me take the responsibility that much more seriously. While I am an artist and I insist on creating a distinctive sound...it is also true that I myself am molded by outside influences. One influence that touched and affected me almost more than any other that I've ever encountered is the Burning Man community. 2016 was my first year and I was blessed with playing both at FunkyTown camp and also on BAAAHS on the deep Playa. If you're a Burner then you know exactly where I'm coming from here. Why am I telling you all this? Because it's all directly related to my new Sophisticated Deep 13 mix. Upon listening to this set you will hear faint touches of the Playa. It's not in-your-face obvious, but it's there. If you've been following me enough then you know that a chill and loving beat is what I'm all about. I've been a DJ for over 25 years now and I've ALWAYS been known for "morning music" -- that sound that captures your heart and your soul. This is not party music (very much by design). It's songs, without words, that don't need words. It is firmly rooted in the late night/early morning hours. I believe that if one concentrates closely enough that they will extract powerful messages -- no words needed. What are the messages in this music. I'll let you decide but for me...It's all about love and peace and spirituality. Thank you for trusting me enough to share it with you (and I hope I don't let you down). Now...enough of my babbling. On to the music! From the my heart, by way of the Playa, ENJOY.

01. Marsh/Come Together/Accapella
02. Chris Domingo, Mariner/Child/Original Mix
03. Bross/Miraviglia/Original Mix
04. Mariano Mellino/Marxaclox/Guhus Remix
05. Guhus/Anamaya/DSF Remix
06. HOKI/Memories of Love/DSF Remix
07. Shai T/Illusions/Original Mix
08. Maxxim/Iguana/Original Mix
09. Fulltone/Woodland Oracle/Original Mix
10. Audera/Mystic River/Original Mix
11. Xinobi/Piano Lessons/Original Mix
12. Roy Rosenfeld/Lift Of Love/Original Mix

Facebook: Brian Norwood
Instagram: DJ Brian Norwood
Phone: 202-766-6880
Email: JohnBrianNorwood@me.com

Sophisticated Morning 74
August 07, 2020 07:46 AM PDT
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Welcome to Sophisticated Morning 74. This set drips with summertime vibes; if there was a soundtrack to lazy days around the pool or crashing waves on a beautiful beach under shimmering sunshine -- this is it. I always say that life is better with a gorgeous soundtrack to go along with it so I'm happy to mix and share this summery soundtrack to brighten your days and soothe your soul. My music projects always originate and exist from a place of pure love. Please, if you love my sound, share my podcast with likeminded mates. Love and kindness will carry us through -- so please, help me spread it! Now...on to the music. From my heart...to your ears. LOVE.


01. Kygo Feat. Patrick Droney/Say You Will/Original
02. French Braids/Take Me To The River/Original Mix
03. AZTX/Bette Davs Eyes/Original Mix
04. Shallou/Make Believe/Original Mix
05. Lost Frequencies/One More Night/Extended Mix
06. Jared Lee/Those Were The Days/Flyboy Remix
07. Oh Wonder/How Would I Know/Original
08. Markus Schulz/The Dreamers/Paul Damixie Remix
09. Gareth Emery/I Saw Your Face/Original Mix
10. Rasmus Faber/Shut Down/Extended Mix
11. Ofenbach/Feeling Good/Original Mix
12. Faithless/This Feeling/Extended Mix
13. Y.V.E. 48/Wait All Night/Extended Mix
14. Lost Frequencies/Don't Leave Me/Extended Mix
15. Zeeba/Feelings/Extended Mix
16. IRO/Getting Old/Extended Mix
17. Kygo Feat. Zac Brown/Someday/Original Mix

Phone: 202-766-6880
Email: IamBrianNorwood@gmail.com
Facebook: Brian Norwood
Instagram: DJBrianNorwood

Sophisticated Chill 9
July 24, 2020 02:19 PM PDT
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Welcome to Sophisticated Chill 9, the slower sibling to my Morning series. The music that I source and play for the Chill sets have very much the same feel as the Morning sets -- with the only difference being that they chug along at a slower pace. This Chill set clocks in between 105 & 110 bpm, whereas the Morning sets groove along at about 120 bpm. Otherwise you'd really not know the difference. Same artists, same feel, same love. I'm especially excited about this particular set, as I have remixes/remakes of notable artists such as Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Foreigner and Men At Work. These updated familiar hits are nestled amongst the most beautiful in tropical and deep house music being released today. As always I've poured every ounce of love I've got to give into this production...and I hope that you feel and hear it. PodOmatic and Soundcloud links in the comments. From my heart...to your ears. LOVE.


01. Gareth Emery/End Of Days
02. Madeline/Neon Lights
03. Foreigner/I Want To Know What Love Is/Blond:ish Sunrise Jungle Remix
04. Kadebostany/Castle In The Snow/MHE Extended
05. Lovlee/All The Reasons/Original Mix
06. Tina Turner/What's Love Got To Do With It/Kygo Original
07. Lost Frequencies/Love To Go/Extended Mix
08. Whitney Houston/Higher Love/Kygo Original
09. Klingande/Amsterdam/Extended Mix
10. Tannergard/No One Body/Extended Mix
11. Marc Scibilia/Those Were The Days/Alle Farben Extended
12. Rhodes/H.O.L.Y./Mahmut Orhan Remix
13. Deepend/Only Love/Extended Mix
14. LVNDSCAPE/Land Down Under/Extended Mix
15. Janieck/Narcotic/Original Mix
16. Teddy Beats/Hold Me/Extended Mix
17. Dominic Neill/Give Me Your Love/Diviners Extended
18. Valerie Broussard/The Truth

Phone: 202-766-6880
Email: IAmBrianNorwood@Gmail.com
Facebook: Brian Norwood
Instagram: DJBrianNorwood

Sophisticated Deep 12
July 10, 2020 12:45 PM PDT
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Welcome to Sophisticated Deep 12. The Deep series has fast become a favorite of mine to mix. It's what I call the deeper, sturdier and more worldly sibling to my Sophisticated Morning series. These songs have the same warmth and melody that the Morning series has but are largely missing the vocals. The music that I find for the Deep series is sometimes deep and meditative, sometimes sweeping and symphonic and sometimes exotic and worldly. The common denominator is always a sound and rhythm that is intoxicating and hypnotizing. I hope that you enjoy this set as much as I loved making it and I hope that you hear and FEEL the love that I put into it. My DJ sets are true labors of love and I hope that it comes across to you as you hear and experience them. I go through hundreds of records for every mix and spend countless hours perfecting every last detail so that the journey is unique and truly one-of-a-kind. I've included the track listing in the hopes that you will support the artists and remixers who made this brilliant music. And now...on to the music. From my heart....to your ears...ENJOY.


01. Mazze/Born/Original Mix
02. Storgards/Be Kind/Original Mix
03. Keyano/A Voule/Extended Mix
04. Guhus/Yemel/Original Mix
05. OHMZ/Kaleidoscope/Original Mix
06. Golan Zocher/Lost Ouds/Original Mix
07. Shai T/The Song Of Dolores/Original Mix
08. Sebjak/Chaka/Original Mix
09. Eli Nissan/Ararat/Original Mix
10. Worakls/From Now On/Original Mix
11. Joris Voorn/Ryo/Mees Salome Extended Mix
12. Jody Wisternoff/For Those We Knew/Original

DJ Brian Norwood
Phone: 202-766-6880
Email: IamBrianNorwood@gmail.com
Facebook: Brian Norwood
Instagram: DJBrianNorwood

Sophisticated Morning 73
July 03, 2020 12:29 PM PDT
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01. Wrabel/The Lake/Original Mix
02. Shallou/Good Together/Original Mix
03. Plastik Funk/Standing/Extended Mix
04. Zak Abel/Freedom/Original Mix
05. Joe Janiak/Follow/Original Mix
06. Alex Cruz/Stranger In Paradise/Extended Mix
07. Petit Biscuit/I Leave Again/Original Mix
08. Luli/Takeaways/Extended Mix
09. Tep No/Fighting/Teddy Rose Remix
10. Jasmine Thompson/Adore/David K Remix
11. Brando/Look Into My Eyes/Syn Cole Extended
12. Sandro Cavazza/Beautiful/Original Mix
13. Ivan Gough/200 Years/Original Mix
14. Nora En Pure/All I Need/Extended Mix
15. Kryder/Stay With Me/Extended Mix
16. Denny White/Sleepwalkers/Extended Mix
17. Stevie Appleton/People I Love/Original Mix

Email: IAmBrianNorwood@gmail.com
Phone: 202-766-6880
Facebook: Brian Norwood
Instagram: DJBrianNorwood

Flagging In The Desert #3
May 22, 2020 01:53 PM PDT
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This is the continuation of the Flagging In The Desert Party that I spun in Palm Springs on February 29, 2020. It was a day full of sunshine, bliss, laughter and love. How lucky were all were to have squeaked this amazing day in right before everything came to a full stop. This segment of the day was full of feel-good vibes and uplifting anthems. Lots of energy. As always, I hope you enjoy what I did and where I went. From my heart...to your ears....!


01. Kort/Joy/Kort's Vocal Mix
02. Marco Lys/Who Dares To Believe In Me/Extended
03. Duty Sound/You've Got The Luv/Angelo Ferreri Remix
04. JL & Afterman/Get Back/Original Mix
05. Byron Stingily/Happy People/Jansons Extended
06. Kevin McKay/Come Together/Extended Mix
07. Kevin McKay/Freed From Desire/Extended Mix
08. Lee Cabrera/Gimme Gimme Gimme/Disco Version
09. Sylvester/You Make Me Feel/Michael Gray Remix
10. Mighty Mouse/Love Is Going To Lift You Up/Sunrise Mix
11. Xander/Things You Do/Original Mix
12. Lost Frequencies/Sun Is Shining/Extended Mix

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