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Sophisticated Morning 69
January 05, 2020 04:15 PM PST
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I've been stockpiling so much amazing music here lately that it was really difficult trying to zero in on what sound this podcast was going to have. What I did know what that there were three songs that HAD to be on this mix: "Keep Moving" by Boxer Rebellion, "Daydreams" by ARTY, and "Everytime" by Lustral. The Lustral straddles the line between progressive house and trance so I decided to start the mix with a chill-house vibe and then subtly build until the set crescendos at the end with the Lustral. I hope that you enjoy the journey that I take you on. Enough with the words. On to the MUSIC. From my heart...to your ears. ENJOY!


01. Lonely In The Rain/Stronger/Original
02. Other2Sides/Sing/Oxen Butcher Remix
03. Coldplay/Orphans/DiPap Extended Edit
04. Kidnap/Start Again/Extended Mix
05. Janieck/Somebody New/Extended Mix
06. TyDi/Wrap Me Up/Original Mix
07. Rubenson/Rewrite/Extended Mix
08. Will Church/Eyes Closed/Florian Paetzold Extended
09. Elderbrook/I Want It All/Extended Mix
10. Boxer Rebellion/Keep Moving/Sultan + Shepard Extended
11. ARTY/Daydreams/Sultan + Shepard Echoes Of Life Mix
12. Miraculum/Sunstill/Cosmonaut Remix
13. Lustral/Everytime/Paul Thomas & Dylan Extended

Sophisticated Morning 68
December 01, 2019 04:53 PM PST
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Hey there! So if you're an avid follower of my music then you'll know that it's been a minute (actually 3 months, but who's counting...?) since I last uploaded a music set. Sorry about that. Life has been running me at full speed. Hopefully I won't disappoint you with this new set and it will have been worth the wait! There are some absolute masterpieces on this mix. I hope that these pieces of music touch you just as they do me. As always, this podcast was conceived and mix with all the love I've got to give. I hope you hear it interwoven into the music. OK. Enough with the words...let's get on to the music. From my heart...to yours...ENJOY!

01. EC Twins/Wicked Games/Original
02. Clement Leroux/Cruise/Original
03. Tep No/Toluca Lake/Imad Remix
04. Young Bombs/Better Day/Original
05. Klingande/Sinner/Extended Mix
06. Lucas & Steve/Perfect/Extended Mix
07. Möwe/Birds Flying High/Original Mix
08. DJ Snake/Recognize/Mercer Remix
09. DJ Licious/I'll Be Alright/Club Mix
10. Syn Cole/Lights Go Down/Extended Mix
11. Jasmine Thompson/Candy/Original Mix
12. Lost Frequencies/Sun Is Shining/Extended Deluxe
13. Tinlicker/Need You/Extended Mix
14. Above & Beyond/See The End/Nora En Pure Mix

Sophisticated Deep #9
August 25, 2019 06:05 PM PDT
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I went to Burning Man in 2016 and it was such a monumental event in my life that every year since at this time as my fellow Burners are descending upon Black Rock City my heart starts yearning for that place, that mentality. When I'm feeling emotional I turn to music. And that brings us here: Sophisticated Deep #9. In this day and age of DJs being branded with a "sound" I sometimes hesitate to produce mixes such as this one. But I keep reminding myself that I am an artist first -- and businessman second. I have always allowed my heart to win out in these struggles. For the masses out there who don't know me it must be terribly confusing when they hear such different sounds from me...but I guess that's something I just needn't worry about. Enough about me and my heady ways. Let's talk about the music. WOW. This is music that leaves me at a loss of words. And speaking of words -- there really aren't any on this set simply because they're not needed. I mean, I do open the set with words...but that opening piece is actually a PRAYER, a BLESSING. In these trying times that we live...I feel that we can talk all the prayers we can get. So I open the set with the prayer to our higher power and move on to allow the textures, vibes and chords on the rest of the set do the "talking". This is music that is mighty powerful. It transcends time. I spans cultures. It hypnotizes, entrances and overpowers you. At least that's what it does to me. I hope you love my nod to the Playa and my gift to the Universe. From my heart...to your ears. LOVE.

01. Dar Pan/Blessing
02. Modd/Swallow's Nest/Extended
03. Yoni Yarchi/In Another Dimension/Original
04. Hosini/Kyla/Original
05. John Acquaviva/Riah Alsahra/Cool Breeze Dub
06. Teho/Mandala/Um. Remix
07. Adisyn/Isten/Desert Mix
08. Noah Shah/Siente El Sol/Extended
09. Bross/Night Tales/Original
10. Victhor/Azteca/Original Mix
11. Roy Rosenfeld/The Biggest Heart/Original
12. Double Touch/Sunriser/Original

Facebook: Brian Norwood
Email: JohnBrianNorwood@me.com

Sophisticated Morning #67
July 28, 2019 05:24 PM PDT
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Certain music sets of mine stand out in my mind as my absolute favorites that stand above and beyond all the others. Don't get me wrong: I love all the sets I release or I wouldn't release them. But SOMETIMES the sets all fall together so perfectly as though the universe sprinkled magic dust all over them. Guess what? THIS is one of those sets. I haven't actually even listened to this set yet -- but I don't need to to know that this one is special. I'm a stickler not only for the music (duh) -- but also for my mixing. I have always found the way a DJ mixes to be just as intriguing as the music that he or she plays. On this set I couldn't be happier with the music and if my ear served me right...I couldn't be more happy with the way in which I mixed these brilliant songs together. So I hope that you'll pay super close attention to these songs. Of course if you're reading this now then you know the track listing is included here too. Pay special attention to James Arthur, Lewis Capaldi, Kisma and Sam Feldt Feating JRM. Those artists deliver my favorite songs of the mix. As always this set of music is brought to you by my heart and soul. If you love it...SHARE it! We're all tasked with giving back to our universe and this is my gift to you and everyone else. See you on the dance floor!


01. James Arthur/Falling Like The Stars/Madism Remix
02. Microwave Monkeys/Twist In My Sobriety/Extended
03. Alina K/Walking Your Path/Full Intention Sunset Mix
04. Mr. Probz/Praying To A God/LUKE Remix
05. Melsen/Ghost/Extended
06. James Blunt/Walk Away/Original Mix
07. C-Ro/Coming Home/Extended Mix
08. Lewis Capaldi/Tough/Madism Remix
09. Moonessa/They Say/Extended Mix
10. Kisma/Shine Over Me/Extended Mix
11. Morgin Madison/Sensational Love/Extended
12. James Arthur/Safe Inside/Mark McCabe Remix
13. Sam Feldt Feat. JRM/Just To Feel Alive/Extended
14. Yulia Sam/Breeze/Extended Mix
15. David Guetta/Thing For You/Club Mix
16. Jimmy Levy/Eyes On You/Extended Mix

Sophisticated Morning #16
June 30, 2019 04:06 PM PDT
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The first Sophisticated Morning was produced in November 2011 -- and what an amazing journey it's been ever since sharing the best of the most beautiful music with you. I've tried so hard to make this journey a shared experience, not just in music, but a shared life experience for all of us listening to it together. On that note -- I've initiated a project of going all the way back through the Morning series to post my very favorite sets. The first of my "very favorites" that I posted was #1. It had (has) a very special place in my heart. The next of my very favorites is #16. On this set I opened with One Direction who were worldwide boy band superstars of the moment and yet strangely they had a song, Story of My Life, that absolutely blew me away. I mixed into that "Women & I" by Feargal Sharkey which was a classic that BUC used to play on the dance floors of the Circuit in the 90s (and I was on many of those dance floors). By the time it came on it was almost guaranteed to be the wee hours of the morning when no-one but "family" was left on the dance floor. So including it on #10 was very special to me because it was my shout out to BUC nestled amongst all the brand new pieces of music that I was presenting. From there I weave in an out of a beautifully deep morning sound. Hopefully it has stood the test of time and sounds as fresh as it did 5.5 years ago. From my heart...to your ears...ENJOY.

01. One Direction/Story Of My Life/Original
02. Feargal Sharkey/Women & I/Piano Version
03. Wankelmut/One Day/Wankelmut Remix
04. Frame Of Mind/So Far Away/Original
05. Brazen/True Colours/Truly Quirky Remix
06. The Truth/Praise/Original
07. See Downes/Thing Or Two/Sunset Euphoria Mix
08. Cucumbers/Listen To Me/Haze-M Remix
09. Pang!/Cry Me A River/Original
10. AVICII/Wake Me Up/Pang! Slow Things Down Mix
11. Temper Trap/Sweet Disposition/RAC Remix

Sophisticated Morning #66
June 23, 2019 05:15 PM PDT
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Sometimes my DJ sets sound very much the same at the end of the set as at the beginning, but most of the time that's not the case. I consider my music sets little journeys that have a distinctive arc from beginning to end. And with this new Sophisticated Morning set that's definitely the case. The beginning and end couldn't be more different. But the pieces of music that bookmark the set are moving and powerful in their own unique ways. I open the set with a brilliantly heartfelt ballad and end it with "Prelude" (wink wink), a big and beautiful progressive house masterpiece. The journey between these two songs is warm and familiar and gradually grows in energy. I begin the set with more of a laidback feel and about halfway through ramp in to some really big morning anthems. I hope that you love the trip and that it brings joy and happiness to your days and nights. As always...this music is delivered from my HEART to your SOUL. ENJOY!


01. Haevn/City Lights/Nightshift Version
02. Florence & The Machine/Stand By Me/Dipap Remix
03. The Police/Every Breath You Take/Hugo Villanova Mix
04. Softmal/The True French Beret/Original
05. Jake Isaac/Waiting Here/Zwette Remix
06. Bruno Martini/I Do/Extended Mix
07. Gabrielle Aplin/Salvation/HEYHEY Remix
08. Emily Roberts/Bittersweet Symphony
09. Ed Sheeran/Photograph/Felix Jaehn Extended
10. Xenia Ghali/Lay In Your Arms/Original Club Mix
11. Basto/For You/Club Mix
12. Pat Benatar/We Belong/Stereolove's Universal Love Mix
13. SNBRN/Prelude/Original Mix

Lookout San Francisco Sampler
June 16, 2019 11:10 AM PDT
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This set is from my gig at Lookout in San Francisco. For this set weaved in and out of classic disco, soulful disco and electro disco -- with the defining sound being DISCO! These are songs that we've grown up with and had many magical moments on dance floors with. I, personally, have some really special memories from New York dance floors in the long hours of the mornings to some of these songs. I hope you enjoy reliving those memories as much as I have. Enjoy this latest disco set...and see you on the dance floor! From my heart...to yours.


01. Ian Ossia/Someone To Count On/Original
02. Change/Love 4 Love/Joey Negro Remix
03. Disco Incorporated/Unlimited Music
04. Lou Rawls/You'll Never Find/Eric Kupper Remix
05. Diana Ross/Love Hangover/Micky More Disco Blend
06. Muzik Express/Lovely/Vocal Mix
07. Walterino/DiscoOne/The Dukes Main Mix
08. The Dukes/Sing It Back/Original Mix
09. Rod Stewart/Blondes Have More Fun
10. Ian Ossia/Papa's Stoned
11. Full Intention/The Guitar/Hi Mix

Sophisticated Morning #65
May 12, 2019 06:24 PM PDT
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If you've been around nightlife long enough then you know that morning music comes in many different styles and sounds. Different generations and cultures have very different ideas of what is great for the morning hours. I happen to like a lot of different styles of music and you will hear that in my newest Sophisticated Morning mix. This set is deeper than most of my other morning sets, but it is also perfectly positioned for the late night/early morning hours. These songs are not so much about the words (although a good few of them have astounding lyrics) as they are about the textures and sounds. This is music that, if you'll allow it, will entrance and seduce you. As always, this mix is brought to you by heart and soul. From my heart...to yours. ENJOY!


01. Modd/Velotrip/Original Mix
02. ArtLec/Flores/Extended Mix
03. Bruno Motta/I Feel You/Extended Mix
04. Roger Shah/When You're Here/Sunrise Mix
05. Sunlounger/Try To Be Love/Xowcha Remix
06. ArtLec/New Day/Extended Mix
07. Monolink/Father Ocean/Ben Bohmer Remix
08. ArtLec/Contour/Original Club Mix
09. 16BL/You Are High/Extended Mix
10. Holter & Mogyoro/Summer Vibes/Keyano Remix
11. Lazarusman/Whispers/Gorge Remix
12. Alex Parker/In My Mind/Extended Mix

Sophisticated Morning #64
April 14, 2019 04:31 PM PDT
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One of the reasons that I love the springtime so much is because there is so much beautiful new music that comes out in anticipation of the summer music season. That being said I am so excited to bring you the 64th edition of Sophisticated Morning. I start the mix off with an acoustic mix of "Youngr" by Bruno Martini. If you pay super close attention to my mixes you'll see a lot of his productions on my sets. He's a phenom from Brazil and just about everything he touches is gold. You'll see what I mean once you hear "Youngr". After that I wind and weave my way through emotional beauty until I end the set with an absolute masterpiece: the Klangkarussell remix of "Melody" by James Blunt. I played the original of "Melody" endlessly when it came out. However this new remix of it takes it to an astonishing new level. It is an absolute masterpiece, in a league of its own. It's 15 minutes of deep and hypnotic bliss. With that being said...let's get on to the music. I've mixed this podcast as a gift to you and the universe in general. If you love it...please SHARE it. From my heart...to your ears...ENJOY.


01. Bruno Martini/Youngr/Acoustic
02. Armin van Buuren/Don't Give Up On Me/Extended
03. Alex Schulz/We Could Be Anything/Extended
04. Chemical Surf/Don't Look Away/Extended
05. Kate Ryan/Gold/Tobtok Extended Remix
06. Giiants/American Summer/Extended Mix
07. Tom Bailey/Don't Let Me Go/Original Mix
08. Oxen Butcher/I Wish I Knew/Extended Mix
09. Emma Carn/Journey/Extended Mix
10. Nora En Pure/We Found Love/Extended Mix
11. Bruno Martini/Gone Too Long/Club Mix
12. Above & Beyond/Flying By Candlelight
13. James Blunt/Melody/Klangkarussell Extended

Fire Island House Music #6
March 24, 2019 03:42 PM PDT
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There's a very particular sound that's associated with the New York house music scene and I am so fortunate to have been blessed with many experiences on those very dance floors. Soul & disco are firmly rooted in that sound and if you love that sound then I'm really excited for you to hear this set. You will recognize almost everything on here...but all these versions you will hear are refreshed updated edit of the originals. As always I have mixed this set of music with an abundance of love and spirit. I hope you'll love what I've done. And if you do...please share it with your likeminded friends and mates. I believe that we're all charged with giving beautiful gifts to the world while we're here and this is my gift to you. So please...pass it on! From my heart...to your ears...ENJOY!

01. Jocelyn Brown/You Are Everything/David Morales Remix
02. Dimitri From Paris/One For Frankie/Original
03. Simon Sheldon/Xyenx/Spen's Disco Jazz Remix
04. Joe Smooth/We've Got To Love/Eric Kupper Remix
05. Diana Ross/The Boss/Eric Kupper Extended
06. Sam Feldt/Sensational/Extended Mix
07. Disco Incorporated/Barry/Black Soul Music Remix
08. Joey Negro/Love Hangover/Classic Disco Blend
09. Sophie Lloyd/Calling Out/12" Mix
10. Michelle Weeks/Moment Of My Life/Closer To The Source Remix
11. Christopher Cross/Ride Like The Wind/JN Extended Disco Remix

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