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Flagging In The Desert #3
May 22, 2020 01:53 PM PDT
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This is the continuation of the Flagging In The Desert Party that I spun in Palm Springs on February 29, 2020. It was a day full of sunshine, bliss, laughter and love. How lucky were all were to have squeaked this amazing day in right before everything came to a full stop. This segment of the day was full of feel-good vibes and uplifting anthems. Lots of energy. As always, I hope you enjoy what I did and where I went. From my heart...to your ears....!


01. Kort/Joy/Kort's Vocal Mix
02. Marco Lys/Who Dares To Believe In Me/Extended
03. Duty Sound/You've Got The Luv/Angelo Ferreri Remix
04. JL & Afterman/Get Back/Original Mix
05. Byron Stingily/Happy People/Jansons Extended
06. Kevin McKay/Come Together/Extended Mix
07. Kevin McKay/Freed From Desire/Extended Mix
08. Lee Cabrera/Gimme Gimme Gimme/Disco Version
09. Sylvester/You Make Me Feel/Michael Gray Remix
10. Mighty Mouse/Love Is Going To Lift You Up/Sunrise Mix
11. Xander/Things You Do/Original Mix
12. Lost Frequencies/Sun Is Shining/Extended Mix

Sophisticated Morning 72
May 19, 2020 11:33 AM PDT
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01. Kolidescopes/Foundations/Original Mix
02. Meynberg/The Sun/Extended Mix
03. Joseph Feinstein/Dragonfly/Extended Mix
04. Joshua Radin/High And Low/Sam Feldt Extended
05. Maleka/Hungry Eyes/Extended Mix
06. Bastien/Wanna Say Hi/Original Mix
07. I Am Oak/On Trees And Birds And Fire
08. Charity Children/Whispering Still/Little Rose Extended
09. Axel Ehnstrom/Shadow/Extended Mix
10. Mehilove/Escape/Original Mix
11. Phonic Youth/Lost/Original Mix
12. YVes Murasca/Time/Keyano Extended Mix
13. Rich Vom Dorf/Falling In Love/Original Mix
14. Ghostbeat/Exploring The Mind/Original Mix
15. David Guetta, Raye/Make It To Heaven/Rework

Sophisticated Morning 71
May 01, 2020 12:13 PM PDT
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The art of creating soundscapes is a really tricky thing. There are so many circumstances that go into magic happening and there is never any way to know that it's happened until it's already in process or it's played itself out. I just had one of those really rare experiences; I composed a set that fell together so seamlessly and with such little effort that as I was mixing I couldn't believe that it was happening. I usually put more emphasis on the technical components of a mixed set as much as the messaging itself. As far as I'm concerned the messaging comes from the Spirit, a higher power, and I believe that my intuition won't allow me to put mixed messages together. So typically my obsession during the creating process is on the technical side of it. With this set I completely flipped that script. Here -- I obsessed with the messaging. This mix set had been planned for weeks but yesterday I awoke to find out that a friend and mentor had suddenly passed away and it has rattled me deeply. The set of music that I was going to create had to go out the window and I had a day to completely reimagine what this set should sound like. Now that it is finished I really am astounded. Almost every song has hidden or not so hidden messages in it that are relevant to this very moment in my life and the lives of many that surround me. So I hope that you'll hear the peace and love and that the messages will speak to you clearly. As always this music came from the depths of my heart and it gives me life to share it with you. From my heart...to your ears.


01. Astroleaf/Growing Up/Elypsis Remix
02. Nora En Pure/In The Air Tonight/Sons Of Maria Remix
03. Greyson Chance/Dancing Next To Me/Syn Cole Remix
04. Alle Farben/Follow You/Bakermat Extended Mix
05. Krono/Liberty City/Lost Frequencies Remix
06. Brandon Mignacca/Ethereal/Extended Mix
07. Kaskade/Nobody Like You/Sun Soaked Mix
08. York/The Awakening/2020 Extended Mix
09. Reddfield/Runaway/Extended Mix
10. Gabriel & Dresden/Remember/Extended Mix
11. Kygo/I'll Wait/Original Mix
12. Dido/Together (In These Times)/Original Mix
13. Above & Beyond/Bittersweet & Blue/Original
14. Above & Beyond/Peace Of Mind/Schwartz & Fanizza Remix
15. Arielle Maren/Remember/Blood Groove & Kikis Remix

Sophisticated Deep 11
April 17, 2020 04:20 PM PDT
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Welcome to Sophisticated Deep 11. You know, my creation of podcasts is a long and winding process. The amount of music that I have to sift through to find enough to put on any one podcast is staggering. And the amount of time that I spend shopping for the music is equally staggering. And once I have the music gathered and sit to compose a mix...a whole new journey begins. When I'm piecing a set together I'm focused on the "feel" of the pieces of music more than actually listening to the songs specifically. The listening comes later. I'm also hyper-focused on making sure that the songs "belong" together. Sometimes before I mix a set I'm convinced that that particular one will be the best of the best...and then I come to feel later that it's just so-so. And then other times a set will sneak up on me and will blow me away once I've actually settled in and listened closely to the actual records. Well I think with this set I have found one that has surprised me and left me speechless. I hope that as you listen to this new set that you'll allow the chords, the sounds, the textures and the vibes to entrance you and let you dream and think. As always I've composed this set with every ounce of love that I have to give and I share it with you joyfully. From my heart...to your ears...ENJOY.


01. Above & Beyond/Flying By Candlelight/Acoustic
02. Lucas Rossi/Dimensions/Original Mix
03. Nohan/Flavor/Original Mix
04. Lee Burridge/Float On/Original Mix
05. Spencer Brown/LA ID/Original Mix
06. Mees Salome/Magnolia/Original Mix
07. Wild Dark/Below The Summit/DSF Remix
08. DSF/Hugs Around/Roy Rosenfeld Remix
09. Sebastien Leger/Menabelle/Original Mix
10. Blanche/City Lights/Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Extended
11. Mees Salome/A Simpler Time/Original Mix
12. David Hohme/Soft Landing/Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix

Sophisticated Morning 70
April 01, 2020 05:02 PM PDT
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I like a lot of music but I reserve LOVE for very few pieces of music. I usually "frame" my mixes around the particular pieces of music that I love the most. Most of the time my sets are built around a few songs that are my favorites and sometimes it will be literally, one song, that the entire set is built for. So I'm really excited to present to you Sophisticated Morning 70. My favorites on this set are the first song by Harry Styles (formerly of One Direction fame) "Falling", the fifth song "Perfect Motion" by Rob Made which is a male vocal remake of the incredible song by Sunscreem, and lastly "Believe" by Zhiko, which is a remake of the massive Cher hit. The sound of this entire mix is built around those 3 songs. I hope that you love what you hear and that it all lifts you up during these hard and challenging times. As always I've mixed this set with an abundance of soul and love. And it's my gift to you. From my heart...to yours. ENJOY!


01. Harry Styles/Falling/M+ike Remix
02. Strahan/Not Alone/Original Mix
03. Alle Farben/The Night We Met/Zwette Extended
04. Damaged Goods/Holy Spirit/Main Mix
05. Rob Made/Perfect Motion/Extended Mix
06. Aloe Blacc/Don't Worry/Otsem Extended Mix
07. Nicole Cross/Losing My Religion/Extended Mix
08. Bruno Martini/Save Me/Extended Mix
09. Zhiko/Believe/Original
10. Fonzerelli/In My Dream/Extended Mix
11. Jack Trades/Body Language/Extended Mix
12. James Arthur/Quite Miss Home/Steve Void Remix
13. Kayrae/Sideways/Extended Mix
14. &Around/Dreaming All Night/Original Mix

Sophisticated Deep 10
March 22, 2020 05:25 PM PDT
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Hello again beautiful music-lover.
Welcome to Sophisticated Deep 10. This is a patient, slow burning, mature mix that really draws you in. There's really no words to be found on this mix, but that's very much by design. What you will hear though is music with stunning textures, brilliant sounds and exotic rhythms.
You'll hear hints of my Morning series all throughout this set. In fact, it was a toss-up as to what I was going to name this set. I did almost brand it Sophisticated Morning -- but decided against it because, although it's stunning in beauty, it's missing the vocals that most of my Morning sets have. So...Deep is what you get! I hope you "feel" me here. This is my raw soul up front on display for you. Music is my gift to the world. So if you love it...share it! From my heart...to your ears. LOVE.

01. Matthew Dekay/The Four Agreements
02. Martin HERRS/Meibe/Blood Groove & Kikis Remix
03. Mazze/Old Tale/Original
04. Maxi Degrassi/Taliejuh/Original Mix
05. LOC/Taro/Original Mix
06. Hrag Mikkel/Araqil/Original Mix
07. Lost Desert/Forget/Original
08. Sebastien Leger/Ashes In The Wind
09. Modd/Vent/Original
10. Emanuele Esposito/Spirit Path/Original Mix
11. Newman/Written In The Language Of Dreams

DJ Brian Norwood
Phone: 202-766-6880
Email: IAmBrianNorwood@gmail.com
Facebook: Brian Norwood
Instagram: DJBrianNorwood
Soundcloud: DJBrianNorwood

Flagging In The Desert #2
March 07, 2020 07:27 PM PST
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Continuation of my live performance in Palm Springs, California. This part of the day was rising in energy and crescendos into a gospel-house throw down.

01. Nikki Belle/Take A Little Time (Continued...)
02. Nervo/Dare Me/Extended Mix
03. Shakedown/At Night/Purple Disco Machine Remix
04. Yebba/Don't Leave Me Lonely/Purple Disco Machine
05. Kokiri/Joy/Extended Mix
06. Kevin McKay/Hallelujah/Extended Mix
07. Lisa Millett/Free/Original Mix
08. Ramona Renea/Stand Up/Extended Mix
09. Oliver Dollar/Testified/Extended Mix
10. Sophie Lloyd/Calling Out/Danny Krivit Edit
11. Donna Allen/He Is The Joy/Extended Disco Mix
12. Sam Feldt/Sensational/Extended Mix

Flagging In The Desert #1
March 02, 2020 05:51 PM PST
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I'm still kind of glowing from Flagging In The Desert in Palm Springs on Saturday. Getting to do what I love so much while being surrounded by people that I love so incredibly gives me a feeling that's pretty much impossible to describe. Thank you to all of you that were there surrounding me giving me so much happiness. Your energy feeds my soul. Now...about this music: it's a sound that I've loved forever but don't push forward in my sets very often. For FITD I decided to play house music only; concentrating on a sound that was sometimes deep and funky, sometimes piano-laden, sometimes disco-centric and sometimes driving and uplifting. But the common theme was house music. I had the time of my life and I hope that you'll hear it in this live recording (#1 of 4). The rest of the set will be up shortly. In the meantime...enjoy the beginning of the day. From my heart...to yours.


01. Dua Lipa/Don't Stop Now/Purple Disco Machine
02. Pete Le Freq/Anthemic
03. Birdee/Movin' On/Mark Lower Remix
04. Purple Disco Machine/In My Arms/Extended
05. Mirko & Meex/Moonlight
06. Amanda Wilson/Make You Understand
07. Costella/We're Gonna Rock/Extended
08. Jekkie/Doing It
09. Andrey Exx/Long Train Running
10. Disco Incorporated/Blondes Have More Funk
11. Grey Fox/Step Into This Moment
12. Block & Crown/Give Me The Night
13. Nikki Belle/Take A Little Time/Mark Lower Club Mix

Epic Maui Journey 7 (#1)
February 01, 2020 12:37 PM PST
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We say this every year...but wow, what a day it was on the beach. Every year we don't think the joy and euphoria can be topped from the previous year and then, just like magic, the joy and the euphoria is totally off the charts. This year was epic in every way. Now...about the music: if you've been a follower of mine for years then you'll know I am insanely critical of myself when it comes to my DJ performances. I believe that the (beat) mixing component of the art is as important as the musical selections. Luckily I was "on" this day. I was having such a blast behind the decks and I hope that you'll hear it as much as I felt it. Full track listing is below for those of you that follow the music extremely closely (and I know there's a lot of you). From my heart...to yours...ENJOY THE MUSIC!

01. Wilder Woods/Keep It Simple/Original
02. Justin Jesso/As Far As Feelings Go/Yves V Extended
03. Alex Mytton/Letters/Aevion Remix
04. Kate Ryan/Wild Eyes/Extended Mix
05. Funkerman/I Follow The Sun/Melsen Remix Extended
06. Thomas Gold/Gold/Extended Mix
07. Phrazer/Rest Of My Life/Extended Mix
08. Syn Cole/Miami 82/Kygo Remix
09. Paige/Always On My Mind/Golden Hour Extended Mix
10. Zoe Phillips/Lovely Day/Extended Mix
11. Lucas & Steve/Perfect/Extended Mix
12. Josh Cumbee/Don't Give Up On Me/Extended Mix
13. James Arthur/Nobody/Giiants Extended Remix
14. Coldplay/Orphans/DiPap Extended Remix
15. Klingande/Famous/Extended Mix
16. Gamper & Dadoni/Julia/Original Mix
17. Maximus/Safe Place/Diviners Remix
18. GoldFish/Deep Of The Night/Ibiza Sunset Extended Mix
19. Mokita/More Than Friends/Paige Golden Hour Extended
20. Gamper & Dadoni/Just Smile/Extended Mix
21. Stevie Appleton/Sinner/Extended Mix

Sophisticated Morning 69
January 05, 2020 04:15 PM PST
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I've been stockpiling so much amazing music here lately that it was really difficult trying to zero in on what sound this podcast was going to have. What I did know what that there were three songs that HAD to be on this mix: "Keep Moving" by Boxer Rebellion, "Daydreams" by ARTY, and "Everytime" by Lustral. The Lustral straddles the line between progressive house and trance so I decided to start the mix with a chill-house vibe and then subtly build until the set crescendos at the end with the Lustral. I hope that you enjoy the journey that I take you on. Enough with the words. On to the MUSIC. From my heart...to your ears. ENJOY!


01. Lonely In The Rain/Stronger/Original
02. Other2Sides/Sing/Oxen Butcher Remix
03. Coldplay/Orphans/DiPap Extended Edit
04. Kidnap/Start Again/Extended Mix
05. Janieck/Somebody New/Extended Mix
06. TyDi/Wrap Me Up/Original Mix
07. Rubenson/Rewrite/Extended Mix
08. Will Church/Eyes Closed/Florian Paetzold Extended
09. Elderbrook/I Want It All/Extended Mix
10. Boxer Rebellion/Keep Moving/Sultan + Shepard Extended
11. ARTY/Daydreams/Sultan + Shepard Echoes Of Life Mix
12. Miraculum/Sunstill/Cosmonaut Remix
13. Lustral/Everytime/Paul Thomas & Dylan Extended

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